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Injuries, Family and the Utah Jazz posted on 11/18/2008

            Our Utah Jazz have gone a meager 1-4 since starting the season 5-0, and finished this last Eastern Conference road trip on a 3 game losing streak.

           The rough start isn’t the biggest concern for the Jazz. It’s their players.

           The Jazz took advantage of their light schedule early on, but without a leader on the floor it has been pretty obvious that the Jazz can’t go far. They need Deron Williams to be healthy and to lead this team.

Both Kirilenko and Okur have been out for a couple of games also, Kirilenko with an injury and Okur dealing with an illness in the family, so the weight of these loses cannot be put on the absence of Williams alone. The Jazz have plenty of talent and should be able to beat the subpar teams in the league with some back-up players. Even an injury-battered Jazz team should have been able to beat the Charlotte Bobcats, but the Larry Brown-led Bobcats outlasted the Jazz 104-96.

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Sam’s First Utah Jazz Blog End of Preseason, Beginning of the Regular Season posted on 10/30/2008

Sam’s First Utah Jazz Blog

End of Preseason, Beginning of the Regular Season

The Utah Jazz have completed the journey they started when John Stockton retired. They didn’t spend years looking for the next leader, like some teams in the NBA (i.e. Chicago and Boston, until recently), they were confused of who the leadership was going to ultimately going to fall on.

The Jazz's title of "superstar" has been passed around from Kirilenko to Harpring to Boozer. Utah has given away some potential leaders in Mo Williams and Carlos Arroyo (although Carlos seems to play much better in international play than against NBA competition). However, in the last year, point guard, Deron Williams has emerged as clear leader and "superstar" of the Utah Jazz. 

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