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Jazz Fan

Alec Burks, Gordon Hayward lead Jazz past Grizzlies posted by Jazz Fan

After losing to Eastern Conference foes Chicago and Cleveland over the weekend, Memphis showed signs of fatigue in not being able to counter Utah's youth, allowing the Jazz to beat the Grizzlies 97-91 on Monday night.

Alec Burks scored 23 points and Gordon Hayward added 21 to lead the Jazz, who withstood a late push by hitting eight of 10 free throws down the stretch for their third win in the last four.

Derrick Favors finished with 15 points, while Enes Kanter added 13 points and nine rebounds. Rudy Gobert had a career-best 16 rebounds as the Jazz dominated the boards 49-34.

"I think our offensive game started with our defense," Hayward said. "We have a goal of not letting teams score over 24 points per quarter, and we won on three of four quarters."

Utah connected on 9 of 19 from outside the arc to create a buffer from Memphis. Another factor, beyond the rebounding margin, was the Jazz converting 20 of 27 free throws, while Memphis went to the line only nine times in the game, making eight.

Utah led through much of the second half until Gasol connected with 5:32 left for a 77-75 Memphis lead. Burks answered with a 3-pointer, and Utah never let go of the lead the final 5 minutes in rebounding from a 104-86 loss Saturday at Charlotte.

"It was big for our confidence to be able to come back and get a road win here in Memphis after a poor performance in Charlotte," Jazz guard Trey Burke said.

The Jazz pushed the lead to six points in the third quarter, and managed to keep the Grizzlies at bay through most of the period as Hayward had nine points and Kanter added seven.

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Spurs Fan

Spurs picture coming into focus or is it? posted by Spurs Fan

The San Antonio Spurs have always been more than the sum of their parts, but some parts seem to be proving more essential than others.

Reigning Finals MVP Kawhi Leonard's 9.75-inch-long hands are one of those parts.

Unfortunately, he tore a ligament in his right paw during a Dec. 9 loss to the Utah Jazz, dealing the franchise a significant blow amid what's almost certainly its most difficult month of competition.

In turn, San Antonio has lost six of its last eight games without Leonard and six of its last seven overall. 

At the moment, there's no timetable for the fourth-year pro's return. Nor has there been any news that could be construed as particularly good.

Leonard is averaging 15.2 points, 7.6 rebounds, 2.5 assists and 2.0 steals in 32.2 minutes per contest—all on pace to be career highs. He's also looking for his offense more assertively, attempting 12.3 field goals and 4.1 free throws per game.

Having played 29.1 minutes and taken 9.8 shots per contest a season ago, the additional playing time and touches have had a lot to do with that evolution.

Leonard is the player who seems to tip the scale in making this Spurs squad the best in the organization's history. Even with past players such as Mario Elie, Sean Elliott, Robert Horry and Stephen Jackson, the Spurs have never had a player like Leonard on any of their championship rosters. Leonard turned the Big Three into a Fab Four. It makes them the one Spurs squad that could beat the other championship squads in franchise history if they were to mythically play each other in the Finals. Kawhi 

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Jazz Fan

2014 Utah Jazz Preseason Report posted by Jazz Fan

Utah Jazz did not have a good 2013-14 season, as they performed quite poorly. In his rookie year, Trey Burke did not play the first 12 games due to finger injury, and Jazz lacked the depth needed to fill the point guard void. The team was overall 4-19 without Burke, but after he came back, there were some improvements. However, in March, the team started declining again, and the last 24 games were a disaster. Burke was struggling with his shots, and Hayward was worse. The team ended the season with a record of 25-57.

For 2014-15 season, Utah Jazz is upbeat with training going full steam. However, the shaping of the roster will play a major role in their success this season. Ranking 20th in shot blocking last season, the team has good chances of making it to the top 12. Rudy Gobert performed well this summer and if he enters through rotation, the team will progress. However, Derrick Favors has dropped unexpectedly from 2.6 to 1.8, and his BLK has gone down from 5.7% to 3.8%. He is becoming more confident, and could return to his former play this season.

Alec Burks has improved considerably in the last season. He has gained more confidence, and he is able to take good decisions. Statistics indicate career highs across the board with AST% at 16.9, FTr at 449, and PER at 15.8. Corbin should also be credited with this improvement, as he changed Burks's point guard back-up position to that of scorer. It seems Burks might be the top scorer this season.

Utah Jazz is likely to open the roster with 15 this season, while in the past the team has started with 14. The team might be able to include a player with a guarantee date in January, which will cost less. Ian Clark and Felix might have guarantees, but if the free agents stick out, Utah might get rid of one of them to acquire long or short-term potential.

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john howard

Utah is making financial moves posted by john howard

Utah is trying to stay within their financial means and stay competitive at the same time. They traded Ronnie Brewer to Memphis for a future pick.  They have depth at that position and can absorb the loss.  Brewer is a restricted free agent and Utah may not be able to match any offers.  So, they gain a pick for him now.  Not bad I guess.

Memphis is trying to make the playoffs now and giving up a future pick for something now makes sense.  Brewer will improve them and I think he was worth the first round pick.  I don't know that he gets them there, but he will be better than what they could have drafted for.

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Friday's Lineup posted by Henri "theactor" Ramsey

OK I've read what Miaocco had to say and thesee are my thoughts...

I knew long ago that Hill was going to start the first game of Pre Season and that's becuase it would only be fiar since he was the starter last season. As for Smith, he's going to get his first taste of action since the whole Nolan fiasco. Smith looked good at times during TC while I was there and so he should do well against the Broncos. 

Nolan will obivously try to do things that will make it hard on his former QB but, if Smith plays HIS game, he'll play right through it.

The fact the Gore is NOT playing at all doesn'y surprise me. In fact, I'm glad to hear it. Like Singletary stated "I see no benefit from working seasoned vets in the first game of Pre Season" This will give them a chance to rest and look at the back up players to see where they might need help and make ajustments.

The injury list is and I'm happy that this IS just the beginning of the season. If this were some where in the middle of the season, we'd be pulling our hair out by the roots trying to figure out how we are going to make the play-offs and all that jazz.

But it's not and we're not easy people.

The other players that are going to be missing are:

Tarell Brown

Patrick Willis

David Baas

Michael Robinson

Delaine Walker

Brandon Jones

Ray McDonald

Most of these guys are going to be back ready to play next week. With exception of Brandon Jones who's out until the end of September and Ray McDonald who is expected back in time for Regular Season. 

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john howard

Rumor "Mills"ap posted by john howard

One of the numerous rumors going around this week is that the Thunder are going to make an offer to Utah's restricted free agent Paul Millsap. He is a good young player that filled lifted his game when Okur and Boozer were out.  I like the things he can do for OKC. Or any team for that matter.  What I hope we don't do is pay to much for him.  Since Millsap is a restricted free agent, Utah can match any offer to keep him.  They are likely to do that since it appears thata they will be about 3 million over the cap.  They can trade Boozer and keep Millsap at a cheaper price.  This is  very likely because Boozer has another year left on his contract and isn't guaranteed to stay in Utah.  So, they may trade Boozer for some future stock.  Teams can start talking with players today and get verbal commitments.  However, contracts don't become official until July 8th.  The team spends this week determining the new salary cap.  Last year it was 57 million dollars.  A team may go over the cap to resign it's own players, or by offersing the mid-level one year contract of around 5 million dollars.  If it goes over the cap, it must pay a tax to the league.  This next couple of week's should be exciting.

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john howard

Utah Jazz draft posted by john howard

The Utah Jazz have a busy summer in front of them.  Carlos Boozer, Kyle Korver, and Mehmet Okur can all opt out of their contracts.  So, they have to convince all 3 to stay.  Paul Millsap is a restricted free agent, so they can match offers to keep him.  Ronnie Price and Brevin Knight are backup guards who are unrestricted free agents.  Keeping the starters is very important to the future of the Jazz. But, today is the draft, which is also a key to the future.  Or, is it?  The Jazz have the 20th and 50th picks in this year's draft. In the past 14 years the 20th pick has produced 2 starters and 6 bench players.  That's almost a 50% chance that the Jazz won't find anyone with this pick.  The 50th pick has produced 3 bench players.  So, the past shows that the Jazz may not get much from this position. Continue reading "Utah Jazz draft"


Let's play GM part II posted by Aarwich

Since my last post I've received heated opinions from some fired up Golden State fans regarding my Rip Hamilton for Ellis and Randolph trade. G.S. fans are obviously a little smarter then I thought. So let me be clear. Although I'm a Utah Jazz and Golden State Warrior fan, my heart lies with the Detroit Pistons.



What's it going to take?

I know most of you have forgiven Ellis for his moped accident.

I know you all regret signing Maggette.

I know most of you hope Crawford ops out (which he won't).

I know we can work something out.

Rip Hamilton, Tayshaun Prince, Kwame Brown & a 2nd rounder


Corey Maggette, Jamal Crawford, Ronny Turiaf & Anthony Randolph







With Rip & Prince re-energized (like Billups in Denver) and Steven Jackson as a potential 6th man of the year, the Warriors are ready to compete for a championship.

Now, some of you Pistons fans who are a little confused do to the fact that GM - Part I, had us end up with Bosh, Randolph & Stoudemire, get over it, it's never going to happen. Some of you may not even know who A. Randolph is. He is a 19 year old C, PF, SF high-bred, who has the fire and the talent of The Big Ticket – K.G. Yet still unproven, he fits in great with Detroit and could be a cornerstone for the next decade. In my opinion, worst case, he's as good as Bosh.

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Cal Conrad

Congrats Blazers...Now Get Over It posted by Cal Conrad

Congratulations Portland Trail Blazers on a great season. You overachieved, brought the city to hysteria not seen since the early 90s and created a solid foundation on which to work on. Now get over it.

It's time to start looking towards next year. The Blazers, if they keep their roster intact, are a lock for the playoffs for the next decade. But is that what management wants? To be the Utah Jazz? I don't think so. It's seriously time to consider making this team into a title contender. Barring a miracle draft pick in the next few years, their needs to be some roster shake-up, otherwise the Blazers will be piddling around third or fourth best in the west for years to come.

First, let's look up what makes a championship team. Over the past 20 years, there has been a pretty simple formula to great teams: You have you have your 'Big 3'-a guard, a wing, and a post, surround them with a few shooters and some defensive stoppers and you got yourself a title (This excludes the 2003-2004 Pistons, because the Lakers self-destructed in that series and any Shaq-led team because all the centers sucked in the early 2000s). Seriously look back at the past winners: 2007-2008 Celtics (Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett), The Spurs dynasty (Tony Parker, Manu Ginobli, Timmy Duncan), The Bulls dynasty (MJ, Scottie Pippen, Toni Kukoc/Horace Grant), The mid-90s Rockets (Kenny 'I'm Barkley's Bitch' Smith, Clyde Drexler and Hakeem). Let's add in the team that will win it this year, The Cavs (Mo Williams, Lebron, and Zydrunas Ilgauskas). All those teams had great shooters and defensive stoppers. This is the blueprint and Portland needs to get on board.

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Johnny Matheis

Oaks Day spot plays posted by Johnny Matheis

Thursday saw some horrendous rides on some who should have won and paid well. Undeniably the case for Flying Jazz and Cover Story, both rated way too far back for Churchill. Still, those who took my advice still won with the ninth race trifecta and superfecta paying well, with AEGEAN winning. The final race, which I said to take an overlay and hope it wouldn't be a jockey race, wasn't a good betting race. It turned into a jockey race, with the five lowest price horses finishing first through fifth. That's overkill, and being obvious with the cheating. But it happens.

Friday, Oaks Day, there is a great spot play in the fifth race, with REYNALDOTHEWIZARD having a great forward move as a 2 year old that would ensure a victory here at three. Good ones to link him with in exotic wagers are the probable favorite, Munnings, as well as CUSTOM FOR CARLOS, Zito's JUST BEN, BROTHER KEITH, and STAMP.

The seventh has a potential upset, as Hartlage often has a runner ready, and his FRENCH KISS looks like he should be one of the better ones already. Good ones to put him with are sure favorite ZENYATTA, as well as UNFORGOTTEN, UNBRIDLED BELLE, and SWIFT TEMPER. Look for previously undefeated second choice One Caroline to fail to hit the board. This company is too tough on a fair track.

For the Oaks. NAN is a live long shot. Never underestimate those who come from Keeneland, especially fillies from the Ashland. This field looks very week, and you could just wheel her in possibly the weakest looking Oaks field ever.

Finally, the last race, EXOTIC INDY is just short of being a lock, a 4 year old facing many 3 year olds with less form. 2-1 is a steal here. Good ones to include in boxes are MERIFUL and MARKET AT MIDDAY (an also eligible), Look for overlays on the others.

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Utah Jazz News

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Beehive Classic features Utah, BYU, Utah State, Weber State (Yahoo Sports)

SALT LAKE CITY (AP) -- The University of Utah, BYU, Utah State and Weber State will play in a December basketball tournament called the Beehive Classic starting this season and running through 2019. The event will be held at the home of the Utah Jazz. [read full article]

From Yahoo Sports

Magic G Meeks out indefinitely after foot surgery (The Associated Press)

Recently acquired Orlando Magic guard Jodie Meeks underwent surgery on Tuesday to stabilize the fifth metatarsal in his right foot, the team announced. Meeks will be sidelined indefinitely, according to the Magic. Meeks played in just three games with the Detroit Pistons last season after breaking the foot in an Oct. 28 game against the Utah Jazz. [read full article]

From Yahoo Sports

Basketball-Kobe Bryant slimed after winning Kids Choice prize (Reuters)

Retired Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant was given the traditional golden sliming at the Kids Choice Sport awards on Thursday after picking up the "Legend" prize. The 37-year-old was presented with the award, an orange blimp with a bushy mohawk, by American actress and singer Zendaya in Los Angeles before four jets emerged from the stage to douse the 18-time All Star in slime. Bryant brought down the curtain on his standout 20-year career with a 60-point showing in his final game against the Utah Jazz in April. [read full article]

From Yahoo Sports

Kobe Bryant slimed after winning Kids Choice prize (Reuters)

(Reuters) - Retired Los Angeles Lakers guard Kobe Bryant was given the traditional golden sliming at the Kids Choice Sport awards on Thursday after picking up the "Legend" prize. The 37-year-old was presented with the award, an orange blimp with a bushy mohawk, by American actress and singer Zendaya in Los Angeles before four jets emerged from the stage to douse the 18-time All Star in slime. Bryant brought down the curtain on his standout 20-year career with a 60-point showing in his final game against the Utah Jazz in April. [read full article]

From Yahoo Sports

Spurs send Boris Diaw, pick to Jazz for point guard Hanlan

The San Antonio Spurs have traded Boris Diaw and a second-round pick in 2022 to the Utah Jazz for Olivier Hanlan. [read full article]

From FOX Sports Digital

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